Lawn Care Program/Fertilizer

Each Lawn Care Program is custom tailored to your property according to it's nutrient needs. Below is an example of the most common Lawn Care Program.  Application dates are given as a range as the actual date may be adjusted for weather conditions etc..

Application #1:  April 1 - April 30.  Slow release fertilizer with crabgrass preventer and weed killer.

This fertilizer and crabgrass preventative application will make the grass "green up" from its winter sleep. 

It will also prevent the crabgrass from germinating.  Attacking the crabgrass before it germinates is the key to a crabgrass free lawn.  Although we can rid the grass of crabgrass after it has invaded, it is much easier and cost efficient to get ahead of it.  Weed killer will also be applied.  As with all applications, the weed killer will only be used as needed.  We care about our environment as much as you!

Application #2:  April 30 - June 31.  Slow release fertilizer and weed killer.

This fertilizer application provides essential nutrients needed to protect your lawn from the heat of the upcoming summer months.  Again, weeds will be spot treated, as needed, using a targeted spray application.

Application #3:  April 30 - June 31.  Surface insect control and season long grub control.

This bug and insect application protects your lawn from insects such as chinch bug, sod webworm, armyworm, aphids, grubs and more.

Application #4:  June 1 - July 31.  Slow release fertilizer, crabgrass killer, and weed killer.

This fertilizer application keeps your lawn well fed through the tough summer months.  Weeds will be spot treated.  Crabgrass will be spot treated.

Application #5:  August 1 - September 30.  Slow release fertilizer and weed killer.

This fertilizer application will continue to feed your lawn.  Again, weeds will be spot treated, as needed, using a targeted spray application.  As the  weather starts to cool down, it's the perfect time to do Core Aeration & Overseeding (Click HERE to learn more about Aeration & Overseeding).

Application #6:  September 1 - October 31.  Winter Fertilizer and week killer.

This fertilizer application will promote deep root growth in order to prepare your lawn for the cold winter months.  Again, weeds will be spot treated, as needed, using a targeted spray application.

Application #7:  September 1 - October 31.  Pelletized Limestone (to maintain soil pH).

This application improves the condition of the soil.  At a neutral pH, existing soil nutrients are unlocked and readily available for plant uptake.  Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of lime.

Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

Trees and shrubs in their natural habitat rarely need any help obtaining nutrients.  Your trees and shrubs are an artificial habitat.  The soils they are planted in are far different than their native habitat.  The removal of leaves interrupts the natural recycling of nutrients that occurs in nature.

It's for these reasons that periodic applications of fertilizer are needed to replenish essential minerals, helping to promote healthy growth.  

Plant and shrub fertilizer should be applied at least twice per year.   We can get you on a regular application schedule.  The first would be in the spring as the plants are waking up from the dormant winter and the second application is applied in the fall.  

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