The Importance of Proper Watering

There is much confusion about when is the best time to water your lawn and how much is enough. Most people OVER water their lawn, leaving the root system weak. What? How could that be, you ask. If you provide too much water, your root system does not have to reach out to find it's own source of water. It remains small and weak, depending on you to provide this essential ingredient. When your grass needs to find it's own water, the root system grows, extending out looking for its next drink. This is the balancing act that you can help keep in check with proper watering techniques.

Established lawns need about 1" of water per week during most of the season. The way you can measure this is to leave a tuna fish can or similar outside and keep track of the amount of rainfall and/or irrigation water that has accumulated.

What time is the best time to water? The best time to water is between 4:00-8:00 am as evaporation is low so more water will get absorbed by the soil. Once the sun rises, the leaves will dry quickly, minimizing conditions that are prone to disease. Avoid watering in the afternoon or evening. Being that most people wake up around 6-7am, you may want to start the watering earlier to avoid a decreased pressure while showering. Feel free to call us with any questions. (631) 585-5296

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